Yatinder Singh was born in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur on December 25, 1982. He is an Indian bodybuilder, businessman, fitness instructor, and YouTube celebrity.

Yatinder Singh Gurjar is a famous bodybuilder, businessman, and fitness enthusiast from India. Bhuwan Chauhan also belongs to India and he qualified for Mr. Olympia 2022 in Men’s Physique division. His most recent successes include winning the silver medal at the 2015 Mr. India pageant and the seventh World Body Building and Physique Championship.

Yatinder Singh Early Life

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Yatinder was born and raised in a Gurjar family in the UP district of Saharanpur’s Village Umri Khurd. His most recent successes include being crowned Mr. India in 2016 and winning the Silver Medal at the 7th World Body Building and Physique Championship in 2015.

Yatinder Singh was raised in a Gurjar household in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, where he was born on December 25, 1982. Yatinder has always considered his physical condition—being underweight—to be a mystery.

He aggressively pursued bodybuilding during his time in high school and college, and his coach helped him get the proper physical preparation with a mix of indoor and outdoor training sessions. The bodybuilding career of Yatinder began with these practices. Yatinder made this brave choice in spite of his underweight condition.

Yatinder Singh Bodybuilding Career

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The beginning of Yatinder’s bodybuilding career was in 2001. After taking part in various bodybuilding and fitness competitions held in India and later abroad, he was motivated to pursue bodybuilding professionally after winning his first championship in 2002.

Yatinder Singh Bodybuilding History

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Yatinder had begun his Mr. Asia 2005 preparations at the president’s request. Yatinder, however, soon became overworked. Due to the carelessness of a helpful child, he was severely hurt one evening while exercising.

Yatinder’s lower back vertebrae (spinal bones) had ruptured, injuring his nerves. His right hand and leg were around 30% disabled as a result of the damaged discs and the resulting nerve damage. He spent months in bed as a result of this accident.

Yatinder was forced to avoid bodybuilding for the subsequent three years as a result of this tragedy. He still couldn’t exercise though because of his weak back. He quickly began working as a personal trainer in a gym in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, in order to achieve financial independence. He relocated to Gurgaon in 2008 in order to advance professionally and financially in his work and to begin his journey toward entrepreneurship.

Yatinder wanted to try bodybuilding again in 2008 after his back had significantly healed. He began looking into and studying exercise methods that would allow him to exercise without exerting himself.

He completed ACE and ACSM training programs, and using his understanding of the muscles and the human body, he began working out once more. Yatinder returned to the stage that year.

He won at least six to seven titles this year, including Mr. UP Overall, Mr. North India, and Senior Mr. India in the 75 kg weight class. Additionally, he finished as the overall Sr. Mr. India’s first runner-up. It was nothing short of a miracle for Yatinder when he won the Best Improved Bodybuilder award in 2010.

Yatinder Singh Body Size

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Yatinder Singh Age40 Years
Yatinder Singh Height5 Feet and 6 Inches
Yatinder Singh Weight90 kg to 100 KG
Yatinder Singh Arms Size18
Yatinder Singh Waist Size30
Yatinder Singh Chest Size46
Yatinder Singh Calves18
Yatinder Singh Thighs27

Yatinder Singh Wife

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He married Neelam Chauhan in 2008. The couple has two kids.

Yatinder Singh Net Worth

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At age 36, Yatinder Singh has a net worth of $1 to $5 million. Being a professional bodybuilder, he earned all his money.

Yatinder Singh Diet Plan

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Yatinder Singh said that one must engage in sweat-inducing activities. Yatinder Singh, however, prefers to run for these types of exercises. In actuality, sweating causes the body to burn off fat, and it also allows the body to expel many toxic toxins. This promotes physical fitness. So, begin running frequently.

According to Yatinder Singh, maintaining your discipline is the most crucial factor in having a nice body. This means that you should adhere to the daily schedule you have established for bodybuilding. Eat on time and go to the gym on schedule. You should go to bed on time if you want a healthy body.


Q1. What is the Biceps Size of Yatinder Singh?

Yatinder Singh biceps size 22 inches.

Q2. Where Does Yatinder Singh Live?

Singh was required to give up bodybuilding for the following three years. He quickly began working as a personal trainer in a gym in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, in order to achieve financial independence. He relocated to Gurgaon in 2008 to further his business career.

Q3. What is the Height of Yatinder Singh?
Yatinder Singh height 1.67m.