Asheville health insurance specializes in the health insurance needs of professional athletes and their families. It provides coverage that responds to the unique and diverse pressures on sports professionals, regardless of the type of sport or the changing location of the athletes.

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WNC Health Insurance understands a worldwide medical policy is only as good as the benefits that it provides when they are needed, so we work with athletes to determine the best plan based on their requirements, needs, and budget.


No matter where the athlete competes or where they live, the insurance policy covers them and their family.

Sports are not excluded.

All types of sports are covered. You can find here any sports which have an insurance policy.

Health ambassador

When you contact a registered nurse, she will act as your advocate, reaching out to the medical community on your behalf.

You incur no excess.

In addition to routine health checks, ground and air ambulance services, stem cells, first hospitalizations following an accident, children’s wellness, and maternity delivery, the excess is cumulative. This is per person, per year. Treatments or events like these are not covered by the excess.

Help while you’re away from home

Assist with coordinating medical appointments, hospital admissions, travel arrangements, accommodation, and transportation for athletes undergoing treatment outside their country of residence.

Coverage will continue.

Medical conditions covered by the policy continue to be covered without additional underwriting even after the policy is canceled.


Why do athletes need insurance?

Unless they get injured, professional athletes make a lot of money in a short period of time. Usually, they purchase disability insurance to protect against that risk. If you become ill or injured, your disability insurance pays out.

What does health insurance cover for athletes?

Teams cover athletes while they are players. As a rule, any employer with employees over a certain size must offer them health insurance under Obamacare. However, before that law, even if it was not the law, most players on all major league teams have health insurance.

Do professional athletes pay for health insurance?

Golfers and tennis players must maintain their own insurance coverage as professional athletes. Due to their private insurance coverage, athletes of the highest level cover their own medical expenses as well as potential earnings losses.

Why is health insurance important?

If you suffer a serious illness or accident, health insurance will provide you with financial protection. Insurance provides protection from unexpected, high costs. Medications like shots and screening tests are free if you have Marketplace coverage

Does health insurance cover sports injuries?

Is your medical insurance plan going to cover sports-related injuries, whether you’re a sports fanatic or work out to keep a healthy weight? A traditional medical insurance plan, such as Medicare, will not cover high-risk activities and extreme sports, and you may need to purchase sport-specific insurance.