Rubal Dhankar is a professional bodybuilder, policeman, and fitness trainer from India. Rubal Dhankar is a content creator on Youtube and a fitness model. Rubal competes in Men’s classic physique category in bodybuilding. Rubal runs a clothing brand whose name is Aesthetic Indians.

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Rubal Dhankar Contest History

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  • 2022, IHFF Sheru Classic Mumbai, Men’s Physique, 2nd In Class

Rubal Dhankar Father

Rubal Dhankar’s father’s name is Kanwarpal Dhankar. He is a policeman in Indian Police. Kanwarpal was a bodybuilder at a young age. Rubal Dhankar’s mother’s name is Munesh Dhankar. She is a housewife and active in her life.

Rubal Dhankar Body Measurement

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Rubal Dhankar’s Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Rubal Dhankar’s Weight80-85 KG
Rubal Dhankar’s Waist30 Inches
Rubal Dhankar’s Age33 Years
Rubal Dhankar’s NationalityIndian
Rubal Dhankar’s Chest Size45 Inches
Rubal Dhankar’s Date Of Birth24 September 1990

Rubal Dhankar Wife

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Rubal Dhankar is married to Deeparubal Dhankar. They have two children boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Aahnik Dhankar and he is active in sports and bodybuilding as his father’s passion. Rubal has a daughter, her name is Anaisha Dhankar. She is pretty beautiful and active in his early life.

Rubal Dhankar Physique

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Rubal Dhankar has an aesthetic physique and six-pack. Rubal trains his six-pack abs on daily basis. He said in an interview his core area has his 6-pack abs and he loves it.

Rubal Dhankar Brand

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Rubal runs a clothing brand, its name is Aesthetic Indians. Rubal launches this brand in 2020. Rubal get also promotional ads, Rubal provided his WhatsApp number for queries 9205119043.

Who is Rubal Dhankar?

Rubal Dhankar is a professional bodybuilder, fitness model, content creator, and police officer from India.

What is The Post of Rubal Dhankar?

Rubal Dhankar is a Head Constable in Delhi Police in India.

Was Rubal Dhankar Paralyzed?

Rubal Dhankar’s half face was paralyzed in 2009 when we went for a Police office test.