Raja Ajith is an Indian IFBB Pro bodybuilder in the Men’s Physique Division. Raja Ajith competes in Men’s physique class. Raja Ajith was born in India on 15 August 1998. Raja Ajith’s home town in Delhi. Raja Ajith has a degree in Dental.

Raja Ajith is famous due to his obliques and six-pack abs. Raja was keen on bodybuilding in his childhood. He started bodybuilding at an early age. Soon Raja saw a phenomenal change in his physique and started professional training. Nishant Bansal, Manoj Patil, Sahil Khan, Yatinder Singh, Sangram Choagule, and Guru Mann are admired by Raja Ajith.

Raja Ajith Bodybuilder
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Raja Ajith Contest History

Raja Ajith competes in IFBB pro shows from India. Raja participated in several IFBB Pro shows and got a decent position.

  • 2022 IFBB Pro Show Monsterzym Pro, Men’s Physique, 4th Place.
  • 2022 IFBB Thai Land Pro show, Men’s Physique, 13th Place.
  • 2020 Mr India, Men’s Physique Division, 1st Place.
  • 2019 Mr Punjab, Men’s Physique Division, 1st Place.

Raja Ajith Wife

Raja Ajith isn’t married yet, he is not dating any girl. Raja is focusing on his bodybuilding career and Mr Olympia’s title for his country.

Raja Ajith Net Worth

Raja Ajith is a professional IFBB Pro bodybuilder and fitness coach. Raja provides bodybuilding coaching and his nutrition company. Raja Ajith’s net income is around 50k$ to 100k$.

Raja Ajith Training

Raja Ajith does 6 days of training a week. Raja trains his six-pack twice a day. Raja Ajith doesn’t miss any training days. Raja pays close attention to his meals and diet schedule.

Raja Ajith Body Measurements

Raja Ajith’s NationalityIndian
Raja Ajith’s Waist29 inches
Raja Ajith’s Arm Size19 Inches
Raja Ajith’s Chest Size45 Inches
Raja Ajith’s Height5 feet 8 Inches