Becoming a professional personal fitness trainer is the best career choice for you if you are a fitness lover and want to help others in getting their health or fitness goals. Professional personal fitness trainer is a big business to earn money; according to the U.S. Department of Labour in between the session of 2012 to 2021 more than 13% of people are involved in this field.

As a trainer, you must be cooperative (best communication skills) and behave like a friend with a client that (he or she) feels comfortable and gives better feedback.

personal fitness trainer

Before becoming a personal trainer first you need to understand these things:

  • Role of a professional personal trainer
  • Education
  • Certificate
  • Jobs
  • Salary

1. Role of Professional Personal Trainer

A professional fitness trainer works personally with the clients guides them well according to their present physical condition. Personal trainers guide them perfectly to lose weight, build muscles, maintain their health, and physical performance.

Trainers always give the best ideas to clients of exercises and diet plans according to their physical condition or requirements they are looking for. Trainers have all the updates about the new professional recommendations in fitness and nutrition.

They not only provide clients physical guidance but also keep them mentally relaxed and create a daily base report of progress. Create the chart daily which exercises or moves clients do and what diet plan to follow the whole day.

2. Education

For a professional personal fitness trainer, you do not require a high-level education degree for this purpose. You only need to get a school degree to join this field. After this, you need to join some fitness classes and get experiences from the experienced fitness masters. 

But if you want to become a professional trainer on the international stage and want to work with foreign trainer agencies then you must have a Bachelor’s degree in fitness fields such as exercise sciences and kinesiology. It’s important before joining a fitness training institute that you may have the related degrees of education to this field.

If you are a doctor or connected with any medical field and have a wish to become a personal fitness trainer as a hobby or a part-time job so that’s very useful for you. Compared to others as a doctor or medical employer, you may take less time to become a proper personal trainer because you have pretty much knowledge about this field.

3. Certificate:

3.1 Certifying Organizations

Here is a popular certification organization accreditation by NCCA.

NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association)

3.2 AED/ CPR Certification

As a professional trainer, you should have the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) certification programs due to the chance of occurrence of physical emergencies with clients.

These programs help you when clients have medical problems like breathing hesitation, muscle breakage so you provide them all facilities to recover them. Due to these certifications, clients feel safe and comfortable with you always.

AED and CPR certifications both are required to be professional trainers. You can get this from the national personal training certification organization.

3.3 Specialization

Before you get a certificate as a professional fitness trainer to choose a fitness specialization like you want to become a personal trainer? Want to work in group exercise? Have an interest in fitness programming? According to your skills, interest and professional aim. After deciding your aim, review the various fitness institutions which are best for you.

The best way to choose the best institution to start your journey target is where the popular or experienced trainers went to achieve their professional goals. Not only look after the place also check is the institution where you go had proved by the IFPA and how authority their certificate in the trainer field.

You will need to decide what type of clients you want or enjoy training. For this purpose, you need to invest further to get more additional education and get a specialty certificate. After this, you are able to train these clients such as.

3.3.1 Athletics and Sport

You can train an athlete and sportsperson by helping them to improve their balance, speed, and performance. Guide them well by creating the diet and cardio plan for each day.

3.3.2 Weight Management

You work with clients to leave the bad habit of eating junk food or soft drinks on a regular base to the healthy diet plan for losing weight.

3.3.3 Orthopedics

You can work with clients who have knee pain, bone problems or other conditions at which they aren’t able to perform heavy exercises.

3.3.4 Medical

With the medical exercise certificate, you can work with the clients who are recovering from conditions such as heart problems, muscle sprains, or orthopedic surgery.

3.3.5 Nutrition

With the nutrition certification, you are able to work with the clients who want to lose or gain weight to guide them proper healthy diet plan to achieve their goal.

3.4 Preparation

When you select the certification, whether Certified Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise or National Academy of Sports Medicine. It’s time to start the preparation for the certification examination.

In the test there is all the knowledge you got from the first day to the last day of school, also include the undergraduate degree to the graduate degree in exercise science or in kinesiology in the certification examination.

There are many famous institutions that help to pass certification tests and provide you with full guidance about the test like Nesta Certified gives you ideas about the preparation of the exam. This may help clear all the doubts you have in mind about the fitness trainer certification examination.

You should also get the ideas from the trainer on how to pass that exam, how they prepared that and getting useful ideas from them to clear that test on high.

3.5 Fee and Pass the Certification Examination

The next step for you to become a professional trainer is to apply for the certification examination. To apply for an exam you should pay a fee which is fixed and must be paid by every candidate.

Most of the certification examinations are based on computers that include almost 120 to 150 multiple-choice questions. To pass that test you must give 50% correct answer to these multiple-choice questions. The Certified Personal Trainer Certification divided these multiple-choice questions into four sections: Client Consultation and Fitness Assessment; Exercise Techniques; and Safety/Emergency Issues.

4. Job

When you have the certificate of a professional fitness trainer, you must look for the job as quickly to start your journey as a trainer. There are many places where you can get job opportunities not only in health clubs. There are a few ideas for you to find jobs.

4.1 Commercial Workout Center

Working in a commercial workout center is the best way to get experience at the starting of your profession. Most of the famous workout centers often hire new fitness trainers and that is the best opportunity for you to show skills. They may hire you on low pay, contract base and having more hours to spend in the center dealing with the clients.

4.2 Local Community Center

Checking the local community centers or local fitness centers who want to hire a fitness trainer. Almost all the local community centers have fitness trainers and this will be a great job to start to get experience.

4.3 Working Yourself

After getting some experience in training, you can start your own gym business as a proprietor, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation. You just invest some money to bring the workout machinery and other goods for exercise. This is the best job for you to work freely and earn more money than working as an employee in any workout center.

4.4 Working with Business Employes

Many famous business industries that offer corporate wellness packages for employees to improve their health and save them any kind of stress or headache. This is a vital option for you to earn money with a decent environment in which you just guide them with the proper diet plan and easy exercises.

4.5 Home Training

You can train clients in their homes. Some clients have no time to join any workout center or due to body fat, they are unable to move more outside so they offer trainers to give them training at their home. So just have updates about that type of job because in this you have the chance to train a person freely according to your requirements.

4.6 Park and Resort

Some people demand to hire fitness trainers in parks for their group to teach them well what exercise they should do at the early time of the morning. You should visit that type of park.

In many resorts, they hire fitness trainers to create a good image in the eyes of the visitors that they not only provide them rooms, meals and a good environment also take care of their health to provide them a trainer freely.

These types of chances are also very useful for you to start the journey as a fitness trainer.

4.7 Online Platforms


Nowadays most of the businesses are running on online platforms. At this, you have so many opportunities and ideas to give trainer services. Here are some online platforms where you offer services as a trainer.

4.8 Social Media Apps

You can offer services on social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp,  Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and other famous trending apps that have billions of traffic daily. On these platforms, you just need to create a powerful and attractive profile to pay attention to your profile.

To make a more attractive profile you need to add your all certification, diplomas, and degrees you achieve. Study the profile of some famous social media fitness trainer to get ideas about what type of profile you need to create.

Join some famous groups related to training on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media apps where you have a chance to get job and audience attention. At the beginning just focus you just need to inspire the audience with your ideas and experience even without any charges to get some popularity.

4.9 Videos

You can create your own youtube channel. Introduce your skills and experience through video on youtube to impress the audience because youtube is the 2nd largest online platform in the whole world. It’s a free app with an easy method to upload videos on youtube.

If you are successful in getting an audience on your youtube channel and videos, you will not need to do any trainer jobs. You earn enough money from the youtube channel and have a chance to advertise your own workout center through videos.

You may not just upload the videos only on youtube, you can also share the same videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get more traffic on your channel.

4.10 Website

You can also create your own simple website company for services, for this purpose you just need to invest some money for buying a domain and hosting for that website. If you know about that field then that will be easy to run but if you don’t then hire a web designer and writer.

For this purpose, you need a team of 5 to 6 people to run your company and you are the leader of that team. You just need to give them ideas about what services you are offering.

5. Salary

Salary of a fitness trainer, personal or professional trainer has increased from the last 10 years. The pay for the trainer is different based on experience and skills. As a new trainer, you may have less salary than an experienced trainer.

At a different location, the pay per hour is different from $10 to $50. The monthly salaries also have different ranges from $28k to $50k.

In some areas of the USA and UK, the salary ranges for the professional trainers are from $34 to $95k. In these areas, every third person has a fitness trainer at home, gym or in the office to lead them a healthy and happy lifestyle full of guidance from the trainers.