This is a reality that regular physical exercise together with a healthy diet is a must for healthy living after 40. And it is possible to enjoy a good and fit health after 40 with exercises.

How to look smart and healthy after 40

Benefits of Physical Exercises

Physical exercise has a lot of benefits towards health and can significantly reduce the risk of diseases, especially cardiac diseases, improve metabolism and strengthen your bones.

Especially when a man crosses 40 he often involves blood pressure and exercise is a great way to keep save a man to blood pressure disease. It will stay you fit after 40 but it is depending on what type of exercises you decide to do you could be working out anywhere from 4 to 6 days a week.

Supersets and Intervals

Supersets and interval, these workouts allow you to be in and out of the gym in only 40 minutes. A good super-set workout will only take you about 20 minutes and the same goes for interval training.
The great thing about these workouts is that you only need to work out 3 times a week and it will stay you fit after 40.

In the mornings, set your alarm to wake you up 5 minutes earlier and skip a rope or do stretching exercises, before you take to bathe. All these are great ways to exercise, when you find yourself unable to spare time, specially dedicated to exercising.


Running is considered one of the best exercises for staying fit after 40. 60% of runners start running to lose weight and take advantage of all the benefits that running brings health and physical and mental wellbeing.

  • It helps tone muscles,
  • It improves shape and appearance
  • It brings great benefits to the cardiovascular system.
  • It helps you lose your weight fast and reduces the likelihood of developing serious health problems.

Whether in a gym or outdoors, running can be a good way to keep your body. The benefits and advantages of running on our body are both physical and mental. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Fitness instructors around the world place great emphasis on a smooth and steady run, this not only works for people who want to lose weight, but also for those who want to keep fit themselves after 40.

Do Exercises at Your Office

When you are at your office, where you are providing services in an agency, and you are over 40 then you have to include some exercises in your regular routine at the office or gym. At office, you can take some time and do some basic exercises to avoid diseases.

You can take a longer life if you do exercises regularly and add some good carbs, and protein in your diet.

Gym Exercise

If you can maintain a gym at home, there can be nothing better. No fancy equipment is required. You can create a nice gym without much expenditure or space, using simple things like exercise bands, a stability ball, a skipping rope and a pair of dumbbells and you can get quite good results.

In short, coupled with healthy food and eating habits, these are great ways of exercising to stay fit and healthy, when you are hard-pressed for the time that you can devote to physical exercise. So, you can keep yourself fit and healthy after 40.

Let me if you are over 40 and how to maintain your lifestyle with exercises?

I want to know your thoughts on it.