Swimming is an easy and perfect exercise for the whole body for all ages, very old and young people. From swimming, you can have all the benefits of an aerobic workout. In this, you have a minor chance of injuries in the muscles and joints like you face during the other workouts at home or workout centers.

Most of the athletes and bodybuilders have done swimming to stay fit and strong when recovering from any type of injury because in this move the whole body muscles are involved. Keeps them mentally refreshed and improves their overall health.

In this exercise you can’t require any fancy equipment, for this, you only need a swimming pool, lake or ocean where you can swim comfortably.

Swimming is a good exercise to lose weight and has so many benefits that keep you fit not only physically but also get rid of all the burden from your mind.

Most of the swimming pools use the bleach – Chlorine to keep the water clean from bacteria, however, soaking in chlorine causes various side effects to our skin and hair such as itchy and dry skin, itchy scalp and dry hair and therefore – it’s recommended to use specialized swimmers shampoo and chlorine removing body wash that is designed specifically for swimmers.

Here are some benefits of swimming we discuss below in detail to understand you well about all the advantages of this exercise.

Is Swimming Good For Lose Weight Infographic

1. Lose Weight and Body Fat

Swimming is the best way to lose weight easily without using any equipment and hard work you do in the workout center. Many fitness trainers prefer that you can lose weight and burn fat through swimming from the body in the same amount as you lose in running.

Here are some tips to lose weight and body fat:

1.1 Use of water resistance

If you are swimming with the aim to lose weight, body fats, tone up, do some bicep curls with a water dumbbell in between laps. This water creates resistance, which can help you to build strength, muscles mass, and endurance.

1.2 Perfect time for swimming

Swimming in the morning without taking breakfast, you can see some great results from this swimming routine of losing weight.

If you will do swimming early in the morning then it will remain your body active and refresh to perform the different activities throughout the day.


If you will do swimming in the evening after all the work or in the night before sleeping, it will give you mental refreshment. This will remove all the burden and stress from your mind due to business or other issues of daily routine.

You will sleep for a long time and maintain the disturbed sleeping routine of you

1.3 Routine for swimming

To lose weight early and make your body slim, you need to set the regular routine of swimming in for the day, week, and month. You should create a chart of the month on which you manage the routine, how many times you should need to swim in a day to lose weight?  How many times do you need to swim in a week or month to lose weight?

1.4 How much time you need to swim

As a beginner, you start slowly almost 15 to 20 minutes swim each time in a day, and then gradually increase the timing to 30 to 35 minutes each time. You need to swim five days a week to lose weight and body fat fast.

You can see the clear results of losing weight and body fat if you maintain the routine of swimming five days a week. The frequency of losing weight and body fat is the same as other cardiovascular exercises (Joking, walking, jumping,etc…)

Calculate the bodyweight result before and after the swimming routine. You will see the clear results of losing weight and fats from your body.

1.5 Water Aerobics Class

You can’t maintain the routine of swimming in a day or chart table which you create for a week to follow, due to some business or other activities. You don’t need to worry about that, you can also take a water aerobics class on your holidays.

In the water, a water aerobics class trainer guides you well how much you swim and teaches you some extra moves of swimming which you don’t know. This is an excellent way to get refreshments and cool your mind.

1.6 Use of Life Vest or Pool Noodle

If you’re a beginner or not a strong swimmer uses a life vest, pool noodle or kickboard. This will put your body on the upper surface of the water, as you use arms and legs to move through the water.

2. Full-body Workout

Swimming is a full-body workout in which arms, legs, torso, and stomach are involved. If you want to strengthen your arms and legs muscles? Then swimming is a perfect workout for you to maintain your full-body.

Swimming plays an important role to get six-pack abs, burn calories and gain muscle mass aim.

Swimming increases the heart rate which allows blood motion properly in the body. Swimming can help to control the blood pressure and sugar levels in the body.

In this, you can lose the belly fat and the fats around your hips. This exercise increases your breathing by improving the working of lung capacity.

This exercise makes your legs and arms muscles stronger.

3. Swim Faster to Burn Calories

Through swimming, you can burn thousands of calories in a week, when you’re starting out. When your swimming skills improve and become a professional swimmer. As a professional swimmer, your heart rate doesn’t increase as much as it does in the initial stage of swimming.

If you have doubts about more calories in your body than swim hard and faster to burn calories from the body. This is an easy way to burn calories without using equipment and a diet plan.

4. Good for Breathing Problem

With the improvement of the skills in swimming, the capacity of lungs increase with that and you can control the over-breathing during that easy. You can swim for more time than the routine without facing breathing problems.

Studies show that if a person is suffering from asthma can also decrease the problem of breathing during any task they perform in the daily routine with swimming.

Like professional swimmers, you can also swim for a long time in the pool without facing any breathing problem.

5. Excellent As A Hobby

Add swimming into your hobby list, it can be very useful to maintain mental and physical fitness. It may even be lifesaving not for you also you can save the lives of others in any sudden accident.

In most cases when people sink into the water the rescue employees are not reached at the perfect time, but if you are a good swimmer you can save the lives of others.

5.1 For all ages to Maintain Fitness Levels

In swimming, you don’t require an age level to join. You can join as a kid, young one or even in old age you can do this exercise to maintain fitness level.

Nowadays most of the young age people join the swimming pool centers to maintain the fitness level. All the swimming pools are now designed according to the beginners and people who want to swim slowly or with a life vest.

Children join the swimming pool as fun or enjoy the summer vacations, and in hot weather.

6. Crunches with Noodle

Crunches with noodles are like you are swimming in the pool in a fixed area without any forward or back motion. This move is very effective to lose weight or belly fat.

6.1 How to perform:

  • Start by floating horizontally on the water on your back by using a noodle.
  • Keep your hand’s side to the body.
  • Move your hips downwards by bending the knees.
  • Move your head, shoulders, and chest towards the knees.
  • Hold for 5 seconds and take the initial position where you start.
  • Complete 25 reps.

7. Swimming During Pregnancy

Swimming is an effective exercise for women during pregnancy. In pregnancy, the weight of the body increases gradually with the time passes, which can cause the pain in the legs muscles, joints, and back.

Swimming is a safe exercise to maintain the fitness and weight level during the pregnancy period and is popular because water can support body weight. Below a few exercises, you can perform during pregnancy in the swimming pool.

7.1 Jump Hip Twist

Jump hip twist move is very easy and safer for women during pregnancy without any fear of injury. This move is beneficial to lose fats from the legs and around the hips.

7.1.1 How to perform

  • Start with standing straight in the water with your hand’s sides.
  • Close both feet and straight the whole body in airplane shape.
  • Jump upwards by pushing the floor with your feet and twist the hips (core muscles) in both rights and left directions as much you can.
  • Repeat this move 30 times.

7.2 Straight leg kick

Straight leg kick is useful to get rid of back pain during pregnancy.

7.2.1 How to perform

  • Stand straight with your feet at some distance to each other.
  • Keep your hands near the core muscles.
  • Move your right leg into the upward direction and move the alternate hand towards the legs to touch the right foot.
  • Back to the initial stage and repeat this move with the left leg and alternate hand.
  • Complete 20 reps.

8. An Easy exercise for Disabled People

Swimming is easy to exercise for disabled people who don’t go to workout centers, want to look smart, slim or maintain fitness levels and lead a healthy life. They can swim for 20 to 30 minutes a day to lose weight, belly fat, and body fat without using any equipment or doing a hard workout.

The Olympic association adds the paralympic games for disabled people like impaired muscle power, impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency, leg length difference, short stature, hypertonia, ataxia, athetosis, vision impairment, and intellectual impairment.

In paralympic games, swimming is also included, so they have a chance to join the water aerobics class not only to maintain their fitness but also to become expert swimmers to take part in these games and represent their country in paralympic games.

9. Avoid stress and depression

Swimming is the best way to avoid stress and depression from the mind. Almost 20 minutes of swimming daily may remove all the troubling thoughts from minds and you may feel relaxed.

Most of the businessmen swim 20 to 30 minutes to avoid all types of stress from the mind to be relaxed and get rid of all the depression in the mind. This will also improve your sleeping routine because in the past more than 50% of people reported problems while sleeping.

10. Cheap and Easy

Weight loss through swimming is not more expensive than the other exercise you perform in the workout center to lose weight, body fat, belly fat, and other requirements you are looking for in the center.

You can build a swimming pool in your home or join a water aerobic class to become an expert in swimming or lose weight at cheap prices.

Many towns and cities offer the public to learn swimming free of cost or on discount rates. You can also build a swimming pool and hire a master to teach you. You can also charge nearby people to come there to learn swimming from you or a swimming master.

Swimming is very easy to learn, you can become a good swimmer in just 2 weeks without using any equipment. Only you need the swimming pool, your presence in the water, and full focus on the moves which your swimming master guide.

11. Swimming with Family or Fun

Most people are bored with their routine of life or from the business routine. They want to go to a picnic party or for an outing with family and friends. The swimming pool is the best for that type of outing you are looking for to relax.

You can take your children for swimming as fun and through this, you can set their routine to swim to maintain fitness levels.

If you go swimming with your friends, then you can set the race with them and play with balls in the water. You can also arrange business and family parties in the swimming pool, which can create chances for others to swim.