Get 6 Pack Abs With Diet & Exercise

In recent time, everybody wishes or desire to get 6 pack abs either with diet or exercises, but most of the people don’t know proper diet and exercises to get six-pack abs.

If you are looking to get six-pack abs for men or women you can read on.

Mind-Set For 6 Pack Abs

First of all, your mind and body should be ready to achieve this goal, you have to leave your favorite foods, unhealthy activities, and sacrifices your wishes.

Weigh your weight first and calculate your daily calorie intake.

You can do this by calculating your BMI.

After calculating the daily calorie intake, now you should take 500 fewer calories from your daily calorie intake. For example, after calculating BMI, your daily calorie intake is 3,000, now you should take 2500 calories in a day to get six-pack abs.

A study showed (1) fewer calories intake burn your extra fat while you are achieving the goal of 6 pack abs.

If you are new in this field, you can hire a health and fitness coach for your help.

Diet For Getting Six Pack Abs

Nutrition plays a vital role if you want to get a shredded body. Without adopting a healthy lifestyle you can’t achieve your goal easily.

In nutrition we if we break down further, so you have to take protein, carbs, and healthy fat while you are at fat loss or weight loss stage.

Protein is the number one source in a fat loss period. You have to take a 2/3 portion of nutrition from protein. Here is two way to get protein, you can take protein powder or protein from nutrition.

The absorption rate of protein powder is much faster than other sources of protein.

You have to take around 2500 calories from protein, carbs, and healthy fat.

You can take around 45% calories from protein, 20% from healthy fat, and the remaining 35% from healthy carbs.

Take 6 small meals in a day instead of a large 3 meal.

Avoid artificial sugar and oil, here is 2 option, you can take required sugar from dates, or fruits.

Exercises For Getting 6 Pack

Without performing exercises, you can’t achieve 6 pack abs easily. You have to include some important cardio and weight training exercises to achieve your goal.

If you know all about the exercises and cardio training, then it’s good for you to perform these exercises, but if you don’t know about the proper work-out, then you can get the help of a fitness coach.

Weight Training Exercises

As you know without performing specific exercises you can’t achieve six pack abs quickly. You have to target some special exercises like hanging leg raises, knee crunches, medicine ball, twister, woodchopper, handing knee raises.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are important while you are getting a shredded body or losing fat. Cardio work-out burn your extra fat and prominent your abdominal area.

There are different types of cardio work out you can perform any of them by 30 minutes or more as you want.

Like a stationary bike, treadmill running, swimming, elliptical, and burpee, these are the most common exercises which can be performed while you are getting 6 pack abs at home or gym.How to get 6 pack abs with diet and exercises

Bottom Line:

I have explained a short guide on getting six-pack abs with diet and exercises, let me know the other ways of getting 6 packs abs which are easy to perform.