Guru Mann was born on August 26, 1981, in Amritsar. He is a fitness trainer, motivator, model, author, CEO, and founder from India.

Guru Mann is a well-known Fat Loss and Muscle Building Professional from San Francisco, California. He is a Certified Advanced Fitness Trainer, Professional Fitness Model, and  Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, among other credentials.

Mann also has a YouTube channel called Guru Mann Fitness, where he provides health and fitness advice. He also provides various food regimens, training routines, and timetables for persons suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure (1), Tuberculosis, and other diseases.

guru mann fitness

He spreads knowledge and information on health and fitness, such as nutrition regimens, training regimes, workout routines for various body types, and so on, via his fitness Apps & his YouTube channel, Facebook, and other social media networks.

Guru Mann Body Measurement

guru mann age
Guru Mann Age42 Years
Guru Mann Weight86KG
Guru Mann Height6 Feet 1 Inches
Guru Mann Chest44 Inches
Guru Mann Biceps17.2 Inches
Guru Mann Waist32 Inches

Guru Mann Diet Plan

guru mann diet plan
1st MealWhole Grain Bread and Peanut Butter
Greek Yogurt
2nd MealOats, Apples. NutsEgg Whites
3rd MealChicken Breast and Brown Rice or Pasta Broccoli
4th MealOats, Strawberries, Egg Whites
5th MealProtein Drink, Banana, Fish, Sweet Potato or bagelGreen salad with olive oil
6th MealCottage Cheese and blueberriesNuts

Guru Mann Wife

guru mann wife

Guru Mann Is married and his wife’s name is Harman Mann. He lived with his wife and daughter Zia Kaur Mann (Born 17 December 2017).

zia mann

Zia Mann loves to play with toys and she is very active in her life. Guru Mann loves her daughter she is pretty beautiful.

Guru Mann’s Net Worth

guru mann net worth

Guru Mann is a well-known and accomplished fitness instructor, bodybuilder, and motivational speaker who has received widespread acclaim throughout his career. Guru Mann is recognized for his ripped body and his amazing duet schedule, which have propelled him to stardom.

GM provides practical online training through bodybuilding equipment like dumbbells, barbells, and others. He provides guidelines on nutrition as well. GM owns a nutrition company whose name is GM Nutrition. This company is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

Through his fitness program and others, he has also treated several diseases. Guru Mann now has a net worth of around $2 million.


Q1. Is Guru Mann Natural?

He spent nearly 23 years of his life getting here. A good physique does not necessarily imply that a person is on steroids. That physique is very natural.

Q2. Are Natural Bodybuilders Really Natural?

Natural bodybuilding isn’t entirely organic. What, after all, is natural? A natural athlete is difficult to define. Some bodybuilding federations permit natural supplements and prohormones that contain so-called illicit chemicals.

Q3. What is the Real Name of Guru Mann?

The Real Name of Guru Mann is Guru Mann Singh.