What is a Personal Fitness Coach?

A personal trainer or fitness coach is who gets clients on an individual basis and trains them about their health, fitness goal and according to their skills level. A physical fitness trainer suggests their client nutrition plan, and specific exercises according to the latest trends in the industry.

We can explain the personal trainer in 3 main things:

  • Health and Fitness Goal achiever
  • Nutrition plans advisor
  • Specific Exercises consultant

Education/ Certification for Personal fitness trainer

For any personal or fitness trainer, they have initial education about health and human anatomy and practical experience in their field.

They have a bachelor’s degree in fitness, as well as some fitness certification for their job career.

When a personal trainer will encounter physical emergencies with their clients, they have enough knowledge and practical experience to recommend them for some initial level exercises and nutrition.

So after getting a degree from school or university what certification they should choose for their career. Here is the list of some recommended certification from Nesta:

  1. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  2. Master Personal Trainer
  3. Sports Yoga Instructor
  4. Fitness Nutrition Coach
  5. Sports Nutrition Specialist

In recent Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry has also a physical fitness trainer who trained him about exercises, protein powder, nutrition, and other whole day activity plan.

Experience for Personal Trainer

After getting a degree and certification, they have some practical experience in their industry before getting jobs.

They can get some internships from highly reputed gyms, Government physical fitness centers and commercial gyms.

     4. Salaries and job career for Persona fitness Trainer

The health industry is growing day by day; there is a lot of scope of a fitness instructor and fitness coach all around the world. A personal physical trainer gets around $36000 salary per year.

      5. Insurance and Funds availability

There are many insurance facilities available for personal fitness instructors in the U.S. and other countries. After retirement trainer fitness coach can get a handy amount of pension and spend their lives easier at home.

      6. Scope in the Fitness Industry

There is a lot of scope for private personal training. Many busy people hired a fitness coach for their fitness. They are busy in their daily routine life, so they’ve not to time for creating personal fitness programs for their health.

There are many gaps for a female personal trainer. Numbers of female trainer getting him the amount of salary in this fitness industry

fitness coach

Bottom Line:

If you are going to adopt this profession completely, then you should get some certification and practical experience before jumping into this fitness industry, there is a lot of money for you and repute.

The interesting thing you can fit yourself also by reading the number of exercises and a nutrition plan, which can fit your life forever.