Fitness App Vs Personal Trainer

In recent years everything has been changed, now people become more hectic and busy in their lives. They haven’t timed for gym and exercise, so most of them prefer a fitness app instead of hiring a personal trainer.

In this article, I will tell you about the difference between fitness app vs personal trainer, as well as their benefits and cons.personal triner

Fitness App

First, we talk about human fitness.

Why is fitness important for everyone?

Yes, a good question!

To live long and work actively in your life you have to stay fit and healthy.

If you are fit and healthy you can perform your work, you can support your family, and as well as you can enjoy your life.

In the digital era, everybody has been busy in their lives, they have no time for their health or they prefer to work instead of healthy activities.

On the other hand, every young man and woman boys or girls want to get six pack ab and looking gorgeous.

Recent studies of NCBI showed technology has bad effects on human health.

But on the other hand, there are many fitness apps (1) which are providing coaching to people through the app.

Shortage of time for many people prefer online fitness app, they don’t like hiring a fitness or personal coach.

Advantages of Fitness App

i. Time saving

ii. Money-saving

iii. Perfect position for workout

iv. Flexible Timing

v. Easy to use

Disadvantages of Fitness App

i. Un awareness about nutrition

ii. Injures Chances

iii. Lack of special exercises

iv. Lack of Motivationfitness coach

Personal Trainer

Many people prefer a personal trainer or fitness coach instead of a fitness app.

A personal trainer can be more effective instead of a fitness app.


A personal trainer can suggest specific exercises according to your weight, body condition and your current position.

On the other hand, you can’t get advantages of this feature from a fitness app.

While you are choosing an approved personal trainer, keep in mind they have NCCA accreditation personal training certification.

Advantages of Personal Trainer

i. A personal trainer can suggest specific exercises according to your goal and body weight.

ii. A personal coach can create a meal plan for you.

iii. Personal fitness coach provides you specific exercises to recovery.

iv. A personal trainer makes your time effective by providing valuable tips.

v. If you indulge in injury, a personal trainer provides you effective piece of advice to recover from it.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Personal Trainer

i. A personal trainer can be expensive.

ii. Time management can be difficult for you.

iii. It can be difficult for you to cooperate with your coach at every point.Personal Trainer certifications

Bottom Line:

If we compare fitness ap vs personal trainer, so there are many benefits of both, but if we ask from myself, I will prefer a personal trainer instead of getting help from a fitness app. It can be costly, but a personal trainer can provide you valuable suggestions.